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Yea I got some last words... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2004|03:17 pm]
i needed a change...
care to join me?
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if you want to read this then i will give you something to read [Sep. 8th, 2004|07:55 am]
[Current Mood |infuriatedinfuriated]

i feel violated. they had NO RIGHT to go through my or dustins or jessies journals. this is our fucking journal. why did they do that?? they just wanted to be nosey. what i put in here about me, my friends, my love, whoever is none of their business. sometimes people cross a line and this is one of those times. im sorry but if my parents ever did to me what they did to dustin i wouldnt talk to them. they know that some things are better left unsaid or even that i need my own privacy. i dont think his parents understand that. not everything can be out in the open. people need privacy..not jus little kids, not jus teens but EVERYONE. dustin is not a bad kid. he doesnt do drugs or drink like some people think. he is a GOOD PERSON. he is always home on time to comply with his parents' rules, he always does what they ask/tell him to do and for all this he gets yelled at my his mom and LITTLE sister. he does everything that they tell him and still gets bitched at. i just wish things would be better in his house for him. he really is a good person, doesnt do anything wrong...thats why i love him. hes good for me. he keeps me...shall i say...in a good place so i dont do dumbass things. i dont know. maybe its none of my business but it was none of their business to read any of our journals. this is all bullshit.
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ahh amore [Sep. 2nd, 2004|11:38 pm]
[Current Mood |thoughtfulpremuroso]
[Current Music |il la cosa migliore del Dean Martin]

Stella chiara della stella luminosa
Stella che del pugno vedo stasera
Desidero che posso
Desidero che potrei
Abbia il desidero che desidero stasera

*Desidero che me ed il Dustin saranno insieme a lungo e felice.*
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what uuuuupppppppp [Aug. 15th, 2004|11:23 am]
[Current Mood |rejuvenatedrejuvenated]

welp, long time to talk. not much has been going on. ive been working hella much. i have 40 hours this week...which means more money so im happy. saw dustin a few times. however no one is allowed in his house so i have to sit in my car while he comes to talk to me. stupid, i know, but what can you do? atleast i got to see him. chilled with jess alot this past week. it was fun. hmm...what else...went to a bondfire at ocean beach. it was ok. i didnt know some people and all the others were sjnd people i am so over (obviously except for sam and siobhani). i just dont see how i was friends with them in high school. whatever. then went to liz's party. it sucked ass. hella lame! it was all her little stupid blonde friends and frat bros. dumb. me, ashley and loretta hella left and just went back to lorettas to chill. today i have the day off...finally! and dustin can go out. good times good times!
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2004|06:15 pm]

Suave and compromising. Careful, cautious and organized. Likes to
point out people's mistakes. Likes to criticize. Stubborn. Quiet but able to talk well. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed.

Loyal but not always honest. Does work well. Very confident. Sensitive.
Thinking generous. Good memory. Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look for information. Must control oneself when criticizing.
Able to motivate oneself.

Understanding. Fun to be around. Secretive. Loves sports, leisure and traveling. Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Very choosy, especially in relationships. Systematic.
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what up [Aug. 11th, 2004|07:13 pm]
[Current Mood |highhigh]
[Current Music |getting told to button my pants]

this week has been interesting so far. dustin and i are ok now after out stupid big ass fight. i went to north beach...and got kissed by an italian. chilled with jessie, kristen and danielle and got to make fun of anna. plus i get paid on friday. good times good times. thats all im writing now. too fucking tired. ptfo
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most aweosme kiss ever [Aug. 3rd, 2004|12:02 am]
[Current Mood |highhigh]

lets see....today was ok, tonight was cool (<3) and...umm...i feel so bad for him. too tired to write now. maybe tomorrows entry will be readable.
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who needs an unequal relationship? [Jul. 29th, 2004|11:58 pm]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]

what does the word compromise mean to him?? absolutely nothing!
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(no subject) [Jul. 28th, 2004|11:59 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

marriage...future? i kinda like it......
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just relax [Jul. 26th, 2004|12:33 am]
[Current Mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[Current Music |rolling stones-'wild horses']

good weekend. dustins parents are out of town...again (why dont they ever bring him on their 'family' vacations i will never know...but im not complaining). saturday was our 7 month anniversary. we ddint do much. i cooked dinner and we just relaxed. it was nice. im quitting bancroft. claires pays me more and i like the job better. plus i get to pierce people's ears. so if you ever want your ears pierced come on down to claires. ill give you a discount. haha. anyways, good weekend.l i wish his parents never came home.....ahh wishful thinking.....
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